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Carrick Castle Estate – February Update

It will not have gone unnoticed that building work on the lodge and manager’s house started in early January. Callum and his team struggled through the lashing rain, howling winds and cold snaps to keep the programme on track and he is now well on the way to getting the timber frames up and secure. The work is scheduled to continue until December and we will work hard to minimise any disturbance to the community over this period.

Forest Management

The new forest has been planted and we await the spring weather to get the trees and grassland growing again, especially now that our deer management programme has got the grazing pressure under control.

We would like to invite visitors and local residents to use the tracks we have already created to walk on the hill and enjoy the views, the wildlife and the landscape, especially during the spring and summer months.

At the southern end of the village we have been busy building the pier that will allow our timber to be harvested and transported to mills in Ayr and beyond without the need to use timber lorries. The specially prepared vessel, which is much like a landing craft, will come in on the high tide, be loaded when it is beached at low tide, then leave on the following high tide. This innovative system has been developed specially to access and move timber up and down the west coast of Scotland. It will ease road traffic, make more timber accessible and reduce the environmental impact of harvesting wherever it is used, which can only be a good thing.


If you have interesting photos from your walks then send them to us and we could put them on our website:

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