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Wedding Decor Inspo!

The beauty of social media and the digital era we are in, is the insight we have into hundreds, thousands and more, events and special occasions that we were not present at. Use it to your advantage all you brides and grooms out there! With Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook at our fingertips make the most of the wedding decor inspiration available at the click of a button. Pick and choose all the best elements of someone else's day, to make yours even better. Personalise your ideas to make them your own, and when everything comes together you will have a perfectly unique day to suit you and your partner.

At Carrick Castle Estate we love to see each and every couple's special day materialise from the first spark in the eye to the day itself. Whether you want to be hands on and create each element yourself or get some professional help in, in the form of Studio A Wedding Design, we know the outcome will be fantastic. Lisa Devine captures one of Studio A's recent weddings at Carrick Castle Estate exquisitely in the pictures below to showcase a vintage style rustic barn wedding which is so popular at the moment.

Photos: Lisa Devine Photography

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